About Us


TNT Property Group are a bespoke residential developer that builds Luxury Homes & Multi-Unit Townhouses in Melbourne. We also provide a unique home-buyer planning concierge service.

If you own the title to your land, TNT Property Group can help you realize the potential of your current property to release equity, create an enhanced lifestyle and generate exceptional returns.

3 Areas We Service

Custom Luxury Homes
Joint Venture Developments
Medium density Developments for Property Fund Managers

”Building quality homes where Australians aspire to live.”

Executing the entire process from land banking, to subdivision and construction enables us to maintain our quality guarantee. Beyond that, our proud new home owners enjoy peace of mind with our post purchase care services.

We’re among few development companies that house all expertise under one roof.

We understand that property ownership is an ongoing journey that requires specialised experience and guidance every step of the way. TNT Property Group is your trusted partner, committed to achieving the vision for your property by creating luxury homes that deliver a lifestyle of uncompromising quality and enjoyment.


tnt value chain


TNT Property Group was formed after spending years building for families, friends and referrals. Prior, we focused on financial services, commercial and residential lending for over 12 years.

We witnessed and studied where developers and builders experienced challenges, and recognized untapped opportunities. Many development objectives were not client focused but rather return on investment focused. So, we built our team to amalgamate a sustainable profitable business model that was client centric, and started building homes with the needs and the affordability of today’s families in mind.

We saw a need to build in response to demand and tastes, as opposed to where there were vacant land. Families still aspire to live in established areas within 15 km from Melbourne CBD. They just lacked options.

That's how TNT Property Group was born.

We built our own family homes in the established suburbs of Bulleen, Doncaster and Templestowe. We see the joy it has brought our young and growing families. We’d like to share this joy with other families too, who desire safe communities, plenty of schools, recreational facilities, parks and reserves, and easy access to employment hubs including Melbourne CBD.

We proudly deliver a customisable Joint Venture model for investors to improve their returns. Developers often outsource development management and building to us. Our key strength is our control over the development value chain. In other words, we conduct most of the process in-house from site identification to realising development returns through our sales & marketing team. Doing almost everything in-house improves efficiency, reduces costs and facilitates accurate project delivery timelines.


TNT Property Group (TNT) builds in high owner-occupancy areas. This provides an advantage of a good demographic mix, consistent capital growth and demand for housing, compared to outlying new estates that typically attract more investors and first home buyers.

First home buyers or investors with tighter borrowing capacities are more vulnerable to lending or economic volatility. Where an owner occupier would attempt to batten down the hatches in times of financial difficulty, investors may respond by putting the property up for sale even if it’s at a loss. This can influence the capital growth of neighbouring properties.

One of the problems of having a high proportion of investors in one area is more volatility in the market” said, BIS Shrapnel senior manager of residential Angie Zigomanis.


High tax benefits from depreciation on superior quality fixtures and fittings
Lower maintenance cost compared to older dwellings
Good rental yields as renters are willing to pay more for new
Lower vacancy rate due to limited supply
Security of healthy capital growth
Predictable future trends due to being able to study the existing demographics (income trends, household formation, job locations) to invest in the right property


TNT builds quality homes where Australians aspire to live. Older dwellings in these blue-chip locations can require extensive renovation capital which places many buyers out of the market, especially with the tight lending environment.

TNT recognises this and delivers larger, quality townhomes, as a much more affordable solution for families seeking to reside within these prime locations, close to good schools, infrastructure and desirable communities for raising their children.

"What were commonly upgrades for some developers, are standard provisions by TNT."

European appliances, premium grade flooring and all finishes are carefully curated for quality and durability. TNT delivers to discerning buyers with an eye for functionality, quality and pleasing aesthetic.

TNT also provides a home upgrade concierge service to assist existing home owners transition into their new TNT home. We can arrange and coordinate any of your Lending, Financial Planning, Conveyancing or moving needs.